Hello and welcome to the Geography Department.

Hello and welcome to the Geography Department. Geography is possibly the most versatile and useful of all A-Level subjects. It deals with current issues that impact us and the world around us, while providing students with relevant and transferable skills that employers want. It combines well with a host of other A-Level subjects and supports learning across the curriculum. We have a team of dedicated staff who deliver a well balanced course which gives understanding of the natural wonders of the world and the problems they face. So if you are looking for a dynamic, relevant subject that supports a wide range of skills look no further than Geography.

If you have any further queries that are not answered here then feel free to contact us.
Mrs Hockridge and Mrs Rutherford (Heads of Department)

We strongly believe that knowledge of place is key to appreciating the incredible world we live in. The addictive Traveller IQ Challenge game is a good place to start on improving your knowledge of locations around the globe. We challenge you to beat 642,539 points! Have fun!

Mrs Rutherford & Mrs Hockridge (Heads of Department)