Future Opportunities

An IT career can take you into any industry. Almost every other career you could choose uses Information Technology in some form or another. Now architects use a computer when designing house plans. This enables clients to walk through a virtually-generated house. Doctors use robots and lasers with pinpoint accuracy for surgery, lessening the time needed for patient recovery. What about the tech items you use on a daily basis? Do you take for granted the upgrades, downloads, accessories etc for your mobile phone, iPod and/or PSP?
So who came up with the ideas? Who designed the system or built the technology? Who made it work? Who made it look good? How did they get the skills?

The IT industry needs bright, innovative and creative employees – consider where an IT career could take you.

For further subject information please contact Miss Sarah Harris – Head of Computer Science and ICT (sarah.harris@thepolesworthschool.com)