What Students Say About The Course:

“No matter which career you would like to go into, IT is invaluable in the modern age. The course is incredibly relevant and the theory and practical overlap with each other, so you actually get to put your knowledge into use. The course prepares you for a potential career as you are expected to complete projects mirroring real-world scenarios for your coursework. The course is challenging but rewarding and you master software you may not have had much experience with before, such as spreadsheet and database software.“ J. Callaghan

“I.T. has not only given me a lot of important life skills, but it has also provided me with a platform to build my career upon. Spending the past two years doing an IT. A-Level has been invaluable and I have developed friendships with fellow pupils and a good working relationship with the teacher through this course. If you wish to experience: programming, audio recording and production, website creation and practical applications within databases and spreadsheets, then this is the course for you.” W. Baggott

“I’ve had a fantastic time in my IT lessons as I have learnt many different skills some of which have been transferable to my everyday life. I’ve enjoyed many of the tasks we have completed and love the fact that we can always have a laugh in lessons.” L. Jones

“IT has revolutionised the way I see the world, I have been inspired by the endless possibilities modern technology has to offer. I am fanatical with the subject as my knowledge grows so does my passion. I live, breathe and sleep IT and constantly apply my miraculous range of information I have gained regarding the relevant curriculum to my day-to-day life. Sir Arthur C. Clark famous IT philosopher said ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic’ this fascinated me, the future is a mystery which is yet to be written.” J. Allwood

“IT is a great subject that is important in today’s digital society. I would highly recommend this subject as it provides you with many transferable skills.” L. Fryer