Media Studies Course Structure


Media studies is a popular choice because it gives you a number of opportunities to analyse and understand the ways in which a variety of media texts, such as magazines, films, newspapers and television programmes, are constructed. Furthermore, you can construct your own media texts such as film trailers, magazine advertisements or websites.

From September 2017, media students will be following the OCR A Level specification.

A Level Course Structure

Unit 1-Media Products (Examined – 32.5%)

Section A – Representations in Television News, Newspapers and Online Content

You will study a variety of British national newspapers and consider how and why these products are created and how their audiences respond to them. You will have the opportunity to employ textual analysis skills to undertake an in depth study of various news products, from Channel 4 to The Daily Mail.

Section B – Advertising and Marketing

Over the course of this unit, you will develop the skills to understand and analyse professionally produced advertising and marketing campaigns. You will also have the opportunity to appraise your own advertising and marketing media products created for coursework. The main focus of this unit is the Old Spice 2010 advertising campaign.

Unit 2 – Media in a Digital Age (Examined – 37.5%)

Section A – Changing Platforms

This unit involves the study of three media texts in order to gain an understanding of the impact of changing platforms for film, radio and magazines. You will study: The Jungle Book (1967 and 2016), The Radio One Breakfast Show (1969-69 and 2016 onwards) and Cosmopolitan magazine (1967-69 and 2016 onwards).

Section B – Evolving Media Forms

Through the study of this topic, you will consider the evolving media forms of music and video games in the digital age. You will study at least one music video (Beyoncé’s Who Run the World and Taylor Swift’s Blank Space) and one video game (Tomb Raider).

Section C – Long Form Television Drama

Through the study of this topic, you will understand the significance of long form narratives on global television drama. Students will study Season 1 of Breaking Bad, as well as the non-English language drama The Killing, along with their accompanying websites and social media pages.

Unit 3 – Making Media (Coursework – 30%)

For this unit, you will be taught how to use cameras and editing software that will enable you to produce moving image and still image media texts. You will be given a brief that will require you to plan and produce three linked pieces for a promotional campaign.

Entry Requirements

There is no need to have taken this subject at GCSE level.