Welcome To Psychology

Psychology has been defined as the science of mind and behaviour. Essentially Psychology is about people.

We are all amateur Psychologists, every time we try and work out why someone acted the way they did or try to predict how someone might behave; Psychology tries to find answers to some of these questions by investigating them in a more scientific manner.

If you would like to understand yourself and others better, Psychology is the subject for you. The best people to talk to about Psychology are Psychology students; they are more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

A qualification in Psychology can pave the way to careers in medicine, business, health and social care professions, sports management, education, legal profession, industry, marketing and others too numerous to mention. Most of all Psychology is the profession of the 21st century – join now, ahead of the rush!

Typical Psychology Lessons



In the Social Science Department we strongly believe that B F Skinner was right when he said: – “Education is not just the filling of a pail, it is the lighting of a fire.”