Key Stage 5 Religious Studies

Polesworth Students will study a two year course following AQA Religious Studies. Students will sit two exams at the end of Year 13, there will be no external exam in Year 12. One exam is based on philosophy of religion and ethics and the other is the study of religion (Christianity) and dialogues.

Paper 1


  • Arguments for the existence of God
  • Evil and Suffering
  • Religious Experience
  • Religious Language
  • Miracles
  • Self, death and the afterlife


    • Normative ethical theories (Natural law, situation ethics, virtue ethics)
    • Their application to:

– Issues of human life and death, embryo research; cloning; ‘designer’ babies, abortion, voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide, capital punishment.

– Issues of non-human life and death:

The use of animals as food; intensive farming, use of animals in scientific procedures; cloning, blood sports, animals as a source of organs for transplants.

  • Introduction to meta-ethics, the meaning of right and wrong
  • Free will and moral responsibility
  • Conscience
  • Kant and Bentham

Paper 2

Students are required to study those aspects of the religious beliefs, teachings, values and practices of Christianity specified below and the different ways in which these are expressed in the lives of individuals, communities and societies.

They will develop a knowledge and critical understanding of:

  • how the texts specified for study are interpreted and applied
  • the influence of beliefs and teachings on individuals, communities and societies
  • the causes, meanings and significance of similarities and differences in religious thought belief and practice within Christianity
  • approaches to the study of religion and belief.