Welcome To Religious Studies: Religion, philosophy and ethics

Religion & Philosophy of Religion

This element of the A level course involves thinking about what philosophers since Plato and Aristotle have said about the existence of God. Your essay writing skills will be greatly improved as you explore the challenges of this topic. Is there a grand designer of the universe or does the world exist through pure chance? What about evil? How can a good and powerful God allow evil to exist in the world? Can religious experience prove the existence of God? Students will investigate the arguments put forward by key philosophers as well as developing their own.

Religion & Ethics

In Ethics we study the complexities of ethical language, such as the problems associated with defining ‘good’. We discuss the issues of Conscience and Freedom, Sexual Ethics, and War and Peace. Students will research the origins of moral codes that are in existence today and to develop their own ethical values. Our whole lives are dependent on the need to be able to distinguish between right and wrong, and understand the reasons why we consider certain moral issues to be right or wrong. Society makes these demands of us every single day.


Students will be expected to have achieved a grade C or above at GCSE Religious Studies. The skills required for RS are an enquiring mind, the ability to think for oneself and a willingness to share and discuss the ideas of you and others.