Welcome To Biology

You are amazing!

  • Your brain receives messages at speeds of up to 120 metres per second!
  • One drop of blood contains around 1000 million red blood cells and around 2 million white blood cells!
  • Your heart beats around 40 million times every year!
  • Your skin would cover two square metres if it were laid out flat!
  • No one else in the world has the same fingerprints as you!
  • You share the planet with 200 million insects per human being and rely on plants to produce 133 billion tonnes of new material every year!
  • But more than 90% of all species that ever lived have become extinct!

So what is Biology?

The word biology comes from Greek bios – ‘life’, logos – ‘knowledge’. It is the study of life and living things – or organisms as we call them. It is an enormous subject.

Many thousands of scientific papers are published each year in the biological (including medical) sciences, ranging from descriptions of new species discovered, advances in medical research, AIDS, cancer, genetic disease……. the sheer volume of information grows at a rate that makes it impossible for any one person to keep up with it all!

Studying Biology at Polesworth

The ‘A’ level provides a sound foundation throughout the study of fundamental biological principles whilst exploring the modern aspects of biology such as biotechnology and its role in society. The high level of practical work throughout the course helps to reinforce these ideas. Dissection is not compulsory.

Please note : Students will be expected to pay £10.10 for their textbooks when they begin their courses in September.