Welcome To Chemistry

Chemistry is involved in every aspect of our daily lives. Chemistry explains the behaviour of all the materials around us from the strength of the bricks which enable our houses to stand up, to the fuel which keeps our houses warm and powers cars, trains, buses and aeroplanes. Chemistry keeps our bodies moving, produces drugs to make us healthy and clothes to protect us from the weather. Chemistry produces detergents to clean clothes, people, houses and many other things. Chemistry causes pollution and then helps to counteract it.

Chemists test the quality of all sorts of products such as medicines, soaps, make-up, steel, bricks, food, plastics, fuels, water and thousands of other things. They have an important role to play in furthering our understanding of the world around us and in pioneering future advances in technology that will impact on all our lives.
Chemistry is offered as a one year Advanced Subsidiary qualification in Year 12 with the option to continue into Year 13 to gain an Advanced qualification. At present we follow the AQA Chemistry Syllabus.

Studying Chemistry at Polesworth

The Year 12 course is a linear course leading to an Advanced Subsidiary Qualification in Chemistry. The course comprises 3 units with an exam in each one at the end of the course. In Year 12 Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry are studied. Practical work is undertaken throughout the year and assessed through Unit 3 ISA or EMPA examinations. This course builds upon the Chemistry element of the double award GCSE Science and Triple award GCSE Chemistry, but with a very different emphasis on the method of study. Year 13 deals with further aspects of Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry. Practical work is undertaken throughout the year and assessed through Unit 6 ISA or EMPA examinations.

Historically, the group sizes have been small in the sixth form so students can benefit from a close working relationship with their teachers and all of the personal support that goes with this.

Please note : Students will be expected to pay £10.10 for their textbooks when they begin their courses in September.

Year13 Chemistry students investigate the oxidation states of vanadium using zinc and potassium manganate (VII).