AQA A-Level Design & Technology: Product Design

AQA A-Level Design & Technology: Product Design

Specification Code: 7552

QAN Code: 603/1133/2

Syllabus outline

We are surrounded by products and design: from the phones we use, the homes we live in, the clothes we wear, the tables and chairs we sit at, all are things that someone has designed.

Product design is a fast moving syllabus that motivates and captures student’s enthusiasm.  Encouraging them to develop their own ideas, through imaginative and creative thinking.  Having a bright idea is crucial but it is just the start of the process of making successful products and inventions.

You will develop your ideas into working solutions using suitable materials to suit your finished design.  You will lead the development through independent investigation, the options are open ended.

Assessment details

A-level Design and Technology: Product Design requires students to engage in both practical and theoretical study. This specification requires students to cover design and technology skills and knowledge as set out below

Year 13

Paper 1 – Technical Principles

Paper 2 – Designing & making principles

Non-exam assessment – practical application of technical principles, designing and making principles

AO1: Identify, investigate & outline design possibilities

A02: Design & make prototypes that are fit for purpose

AO3: Analyse & evaluate

As or A Level

This subject is an A Level and will take two years to complete.

Course Information

This creative and thought-provoking qualification gives students the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and confidence to succeed in a number of careers. Especially those in the creative industries. They will investigate historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic influences on design and technology, whilst enjoying opportunities to put their learning in to practice by producing prototypes of their choice. Students will gain a real understanding of what it means to be a designer, alongside the knowledge and skills sought by higher education and employers.

Summer Holiday Work

Form Follows Function

Using Primary research choose at least three products made from a different material class. ( e.g. wood, metal, plastic, card, ceramics etc.) that illustrate FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION .

Produce a presentation that shows your Primary Research.

  1. For each product describe the pros and cons of the product.
  2. Canvas opinion of the possible user/client.
  3. Then come up with your own conclusion.

Tip you will need to find out the following before starting:

What is primary research?

What is meant by form and function?

Wider reading

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  • Past papers, mark schemes and examiners’ reports
  • Specimen papers and mark schemes

Student comments

‘ It’s great being able to produce what I have designed in my practical lessons.’

‘Our teachers give us advice but allow us to work independently.’

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Text Book

AQA AS and A-level Design and Technology: Product Design

Authors: Will Potts, Julia Morrison, Ian Granger, Dave Sumpner

Publisher: Hodder

ISBN-13: 9781510414082

Price: ÂŁ32.99

Publication date: November 2017

Digital version available: November 2017