A Level Mathematics

Exam board: OCR

Entry requirement: Grade 6 or above GCSE.

The core part of the course will involve studying coordinate geometry, calculus, trigonometry, vectors, functions, sequences and algebra. You will also study mechanics and statistics.

The specification for this course can be found at https://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/as-and-a-level/mathematics-a-h230-h240-from-2017/#as-level

You will sit the AS exam at the end of year 12, this is two papers core and statistics and core and mechanics. Papers hold equal weighting and are 90 minutes and carry 75 marks.

Then at the end of year 13 you will sit three papers core, core and statistics and core and mechanics. All papers carry the same weighting and are 2 hours and out of 100 marks.

Maths is, by far, the most popular A-level taken in the UK and it is easy to see why: Maths is one of the best subjects to develop your analytical, research and problem solving skills. Universities see a maths as a facilitating subject and therefore beneficial to numerous different areas of study at university. It provides a firm foundation for all scientific, technical, engineering and mathematical careers and a flying start for many other types of career, such as those in finance, medicine, agriculture, teaching, software engineer … etc. The list is endless! Not only this but, on average, people with a maths A-level earn 11% more over their lifetime than those without (source: https://successatschool.org/advicedetails/186/Why-Study-Maths%3F).