A Level Course Information

For more information regarding the course, you can download the specification taught via this link https://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/psychology/as-and-a-level/psychology-7181-7182

Entry Requirements for A Level Psychology

  • 6 GCSEs with Grade 5 in English Language, Maths and a Science.
  • You do not need to have studied Psychology at GCSE (most students have not). However, you do need to have gained grade 5 in English Language, maths and a science because there are elements of these subjects within Psychology.
  • You need to be interested in human nature.
  • You need to be willing to take part in class discussion.

How will I be assessed?

Psychology is 100% exam based. Students are assessed by sitting 3 (2 hour) exams at the end of year 13 and will gain an A Level in Psychology.  There are no AS exams in this subject and no option to complete an AS in Psychology.

In order to be fully prepared for these exams, over the course of the 2 years you will be given regular essays to complete. These essays are either timed in class or given as homework. You will also be given short mark questions to complete in class and at home. This will enable you to be fully prepared for the exams at the end of year 13.

What support will I receive?

Your Psychology teachers are fully committed to making sure you reach your full potential. We have a number of support systems in place to help guide you through the course.

  • You can book appointments with your teachers to speak one on one with them for extra support.
  • You will be invited to psychology workshops to help enhance your skills.
  • You will have one to one conversations about any assessments you have done for your teachers.
  • You will be invited to attend revision sessions on the lead up to your exams.

Students will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of psychology through a range of topics.

Component 1 Social Influence

2 hour terminal examination

Component 2 Approaches in Psychology

2 hour terminal examination

Research Methods
Component 3 Issues and Debates in Psychology
Option 1: – Relationships or Gender or Cognition and development

2 hour terminal examination

Option 2: – Schizophrenia or Eating Behaviours or Stress
Option 3: – Aggression or Forensic Psychology or Addiction


How well do students do in Psychology?

Students do very well in Psychology. Last year (2018-2019) we had a 100% pass rate (A*-E). From the cohort 18% gained an A*-B, whilst nearly 80% of students gain their target grades.

Just a few of our exceptional students from 2018-2019 are below.


Faith Burford - A


Madison McWilliam - B


Maisie Davis - B


Tania Critchley - B