Core Maths

Exam board: AQA- Mathematical Studies

Entry requirement: Grade 5 or above GCSE.

Students will study solving real life problems, exploring using maths to make financial decisions, critically analysing data and fermi-estimation.

This is a one year course and will be assessed by two exams, equally weighted, 90 minutes and out of 60 marks.

Core maths is a brilliant opportunity for students to utilise their GCSE skills and develop their problem solving skills applying maths to real life problems. We will focus using maths for making financial decisions; looking at taxation, mortgages and loans. We will be analysing statistics looking at how data can be manipulated to mislead and change peopleā€™s perceptions. We will look at using estimation to make accurate predictions for seemingly impossible to answer questions.

Core maths has been developed for students, not taking the traditional A-level in maths in order to support their learning in other subjects and use maths competently in their own life. No matter what your next steps are after leaving college having studied Core maths will help you stand out against people with similar qualifications. Core maths carries the same amount of UCAS points as an AS qualification.


* Please note that as this is a one year AS course, students opting for this subject must make this their fourth choice in addition to their three main subjects.