Monitoring Studentsā€™ Progress

This year we are adopting a new approach to providing feedback on our studentsā€™ progress. We want all of our students to be able to reflect on and discuss their learning and to engage in conversations with their teachers about what they need to do next in order to continue to improve. We also want to provide opportunities for teachers to check studentsā€™ understanding in order to identify any areas where additional support may be required or to provide additional guidance on wider reading and independent study in order to stretch and challenge.

We are therefore replacing the traditional parentsā€™ evening with a system of academic learning conversations between students and their subject teachers which will develop the crucial skills of self-reflection and support students in becoming autonomous ā€“ or independent ā€“ students who take ownership of their learning. Together, teachers and students will agree targets and progress towards meeting them will be monitored with the support of personal tutors.

Academic learning conversations will take place twice a year during lesson time. For Year 13 students this will be in October and again in February and for Year 12 students this will take place at the end of November and again in May.

Parents will, of course, still be informed of their son/daughterā€™s progress. Online reports are published via My Child 3 times a year.

For Year 13 students, reports will be available in October, January and April.

For Year 12 students, reports will be available in January, April and July.

Should parents have any concerns or questions about progress, they can email the Head of Year, Director of Post-16 or KS5 Student Support Manager at any time.