Dress Code

There is no formal uniform in the Sixth Form but students are expected to maintain an appropriate standard of dress for a working environment. The following are NOT appropriate:

  • T-shirts with slogans or pictures which may be deemed offensive to some people
  • beach gear, especially in the summer weather, which includes shorts, hotpants or ‘playsuits’
  • sleeveless, strappy or vest/sports tops
  • any clothing which reveals underwear
  • crop tops, corset type tops, see through or very low cut tops
  • very short skirts/dresses
  • leggings, including sports leggings.

Caps or hats should not be worn indoors.

Extreme or unnatural hair colour or extreme haircuts are not appropriate and neither are multiple piercings.

Please note that an essential item of dress should be the ID lanyard which should be worn and not kept in bags or in pockets. This is a safeguarding requirement and is not optional.

Students who represent the school, for example at public meetings, on work experience visits or in assembly, are expected to dress appropriately.


In order to safeguard our students all school doors are fitted with automatic security locks. In order to enable free access across the school site at all times of the school day, Sixth Form students are issued with ID lanyards which release the door locks.  Please note that the external door leading out of the Study Centre should not be used as an entrance or exit during the working day. Lost lanyards will be charged for at a cost of £2.

Students must wear their lanyards at all times.