A Level Business Studies

Examination Board: AQA

Everything in life revolves around business, think about how it is possible for you to be reading this page. How was the internet created? How did you decide upon the laptop or hand held device you are currently using? How were you persuaded to buy it? Business Studies is based on real life situations on how businesses operate, trade and grow. You will be given the opportunity to develop and understand the analytical and evaluative skills required to recognise and solve business problems. It is a fascinating subject that covers areas like brand loyalty, maximising profits and staff motivational techniques.

Programme of Study

During the course, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of key business theories and concepts. In addition, you will develop your skills of analysis and evaluation, which will equip you for your examinations in the summer term.  You will be given case material to utilise and apply your knowledge and technical ability to solve business problems.

Year 1 Outline

Topics covered are:

  • What is Business
  • Managers, Leaders and decision making in business
  • Decision making in business: Marketing
  • Decision making in business: Human Resources
  • Decision making in business: Operations Management
  • Decision making in business: Finance

How will I be assessed?

100% Internal Examination

Year 2 Outline

In Year 2 of the A Level, students will build on knowledge from Year 1, analysing the strategic direction of a business:

  • Analysing strategic position
  • Strategic direction
  • Strategic methods
  • Managing strategic change

How will I be assessed?

100% External Examination

  • Paper 1: 33.3%
  • Paper 2: 33.3%
  • Paper 3: 33.3%

Who is the course aimed at?

The course opens up a wide variety of options in Higher Education or the world of work including, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Management, Human Resource Management, International/European Business, Law and Information Systems.  Students have also secured apprenticeship opportunities in industry.

Entry requirements: In addition to the general entry requirements, Maths grade 4 or above is essential.

Student Feedback

‚ÄėResources are always helpful to use during lesson and revision‚Äô AS Business Studies student

‚ÄėVery good teaching.¬† I understand most if not everything‚Äô AS Business Studies student

‚ÄėGood teaching.¬† If I was struggling on a certain topic, the teacher would explain it in a different way for me to understand‚Äô AS Business Studies student

‚ÄėBrilliant teaching!‚Äô A Level Business Studies student

‚ÄėThe teaching was top notch‚Äô A Level Business Studies student

‚ÄėOutstanding booklets, writing frameworks and practice questions; very good with resources and hand outs‚Äô A Level Business Studies student

Student Results

A*-C A*-E
2018 88% 100%
2017 91% 100%
2016 80% 100%