Comments from Students

“Geography is an inspiring subject and makes you think about the world from a different point of view.”

“Geography studies topics and issues that are interesting, exciting and help you to understand the world.”

“Geography opened my eyes to the world and showed me the life and structure of many other countries. I also gained my best GCSE (an A*) in geography whilst enjoying the subject!”

“Geography is fun. It can show you things you have never seen before.”

“The dedication of the Geography teachers is something you would be pushed to beat in any other department”.

“The fieldtrips in Geography are great.”

“Fieldtrips are good as they allow geography to be able to put into the natural world.”

“The teachers here make lessons exciting but at the same time teach what we need to know.”

Future Prospects

Many people get excited about geography, maps, cultures and environmental issues, and want to know how geographic knowledge can lead to good jobs and meaningful careers. In recent years people have discovered that large numbers of societal problems have geographic dimensions and that a geography education provides essential skills for real-world problem solving.

The following list contains a representative sample of job titles that a geographer might have. However the possibilities are endless with Geographers being one of the most successful graduate employees due to the skills they acquire.

Aerial Photo Interpreter GIS programmer Property manager
Air/water quality control manager GIS Database Management Public Utilities specialist
Cartographer Hazardous waste planner Real Estate Agent/Broker/Appraiser
Cartography Compiler Health Services planner Remote Sensing Analyst
Climatologist Hydrologist Services organization manager
Coastal Zone Manager  Industrial developer Site Researcher
College/University Professor Industrial planner Soil conservationist
Community developer Intelligence agent Surveyor location expert
Computer mapper International Business Representative Systems Analyst
 Computer programmer  International Investment Analyst Teacher
Demographer  Land developer  Traffic manager
Earth Scientist Land Economist Transportation analyst
  Environmental Impact Analyst Land-Use Analyst Travel agent/specialist
Environmental Quality Specialist  Map curator/librarian Urban Regional planner
 Geographer Park Ranger Weather forecaster

Check out these websites to see some alternative visions of geography and careers:

“The range of skills which geographers acquire is much sought after by employers and our graduates have access to a wide variety of careers.” Newcastle University