A Level Economics

Examination Board: AQA

Economics is an exciting and highly topical subject, particularly at the moment given the current economic climate. It allows students to understand the world around them and how and why it functions the way it does. During lessons, students discuss new articles or news feeds they have downloaded for class discussion; it is impossible to escape the current economic climate and how it affects our lives.

The course of study is applied to real life scenarios as students discuss what is happening around them; both in the UK and internationally.  They will develop an understanding of economic concepts and theories through a critical consideration of current economic issues. In addition, students will develop their analytical and evaluative skills whilst translating daily occurrences into technical speak.

Programme of Study

During the course, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of key economic theories and concepts. In addition, you will develop your skills of analysis and evaluation, which will equip you, not only for your examinations in the summer term, but also for life post-school; we disseminate crucial life skills in the delivery of this subject and these help to prepare students for life and work beyond education.

Stimulus materials will be used to develop your appreciation for the subject and you will be able to apply your new knowledge & understanding of economic theorem to these real life economic contexts.

A Level Economics OUTLINE

Taking the two year A level, candidates will develop knowledge of the micro and macroeconomics  considering these economic concepts and theories in greater depth and recognise the values and limitations of economic models through the study of:

Operations of markets and market failure (Microeconomics)

  • Economic methodology & the economic problem
    • Economic decision making
    • Price determination
    • Production, costs & revenues
    • Market structures
    • Labour market
    • Distribution of income
    • Market mechanism, market failure & government intervention

The National and International Economy (Macroeconomics)

  • Measurement of performance
  • How the macroeconomic economy works i.e. circular flow, AD/AS
  • Economic performance
  • Fiscal & supply side policies
  • International Markets
  • Financial Markets

How will I be assessed?

100% External Examination

  • Paper 1: 33.3% (Microeconomics)
  • Paper 2: 33.3% (Macroeconomics)
  • Paper 3: 33.3% (Synoptic paper)

Who is the course aimed at?

Economics relates to every aspect of our lives, from the decisions we make as individuals or families to the structures created by governments and firms. Many students go on to working either in the private or public sector, for large corporations, financial institutions and government bodies. It can also support a career in Business such as marketing, journalism and law.

Entry requirements: In addition to the general entry requirements, Maths at grade 5 or above is essential.

Student Feedback

‘They teach us the course well and make the lessons enjoyable’ AS level Economics

‘Well experienced outstanding teachers who explain things well.  Support is here when necessary’ AS level Economics

‘Good teaching in lessons and I was given extremely good out of lesson time learning in free periods for extra support’ AS level Economics

‘Improvements are always made clear’ A level Economics

‘Support sessions are outstanding; they back up knowledge and makes the content easier to understand’ A level Economics

‘Teaching is outstanding.  Clear explanations to difficult theory’ A level Economics

Student Results

A*-C A*-E
2018 71% 100%
2017 88% 100%
2016 60% 90%