Why should you be studying a Modern Language

Studying French or German is not only just about linguistics and academic skills, it is also about:

  • Uniqueness

You will acquire a sophisticated, practical command and intellectual mastery of the language.

Language learning can contribute to lifelong learning, which is what a modern and outward-looking society needs.

  • Cultural enrichment and diversity

Learning a language is also key to getting to know other people and discovering their culture.  You will, through the A Level course, learn things and meet people that you would otherwise never come across.

It will make you a more adaptable person.

  • Skills

Language learning develops many other skills like listening, concentration, communication, teamwork, autonomy, creativity, critical thinking, adaptability, problem solving all transferable skills for your immediate and future life.

  • Personal Satisfaction

Speaking a foreign language is fun and very rewarding!  You feel really good when you can communicate with someone in their language.
And the more language, the better …..

Qualifications in languages are strong qualifications.  They broaden your choice of career.  Britain lags behind in learning languages, and needs to catch up.  Businesses need languages.  The realities of the modern world make speaking languages more crucial than ever.

A language skill will always be a plus in your favour.  But, above all, learning a foreign language is part of what it means to be educated.

Any queries regarding studying languages at The Polesworth School, please contact Mrs Parker a.parker@thepolesworthschool.com