The Tutor System & Monitoring Student Progress.

All students in The Polesworth School have a personal tutor who is responsible for the pastoral care and well-being of their students and who has an overview of each student’s academic progress. In September 2013 a new mixed age tutorial system was introduced at The Polesworth School which has been organised to fit in with the existing house system.  All students, including Sixth Form students, are in one of the following Houses: Arden, Kenilworth, Stratford or Warwick.

Each House has 13 tutor groups. Each tutor group has a tutor and a co-tutor who have no more than 30 students in their care. The tutor groups include students from all year groups (Years 7 – 13) and within the tutor groups students are organised into ‘family’ groups of 5 or 6 students per family. Each family is made up of students from different year groups and it is through these groups that students peer mentor each other, build relationships and support each other in not just their learning but in their overall personal development.
The mixed age tutoring system provides students in Years 12 & 13 in particular with new learning and leadership opportunities which will only enhance their CVs and employment or university applications.

Tutorial takes place once a day for 25 minutes from 10.30 – 10.50am and attendance at tutor time is compulsory for all Sixth Form students. All tutor groups follow the same interactive programme and each House has one Assembly a week in which students are introduced to a range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural topics.  Often, the themes raised in Assemblies are then explored further in our tutorial programme.

Monitoring Progress

The progress of all our students is monitored carefully and regularly both by individual subject teachers and by tutors who keep an eye on academic performance across all subject areas and on the general well-being of students in their Tutor Groups.

You will be encouraged to discuss any matters of concern with your teachers, tutor, Head of Sixth Form or the Key Stage 5 Student Support Managers, and similarly we invite parents to contact us if they are at all worried about progress.

Individual Student Progress Data

Students and parents can access student progress data, target grades and report comments online via the ‘My Child’ part of The Polesworth School’s website which also allows students and parents book Parents’ Evening appointments. Secure access to ‘My Child’ is provided once students have registered in the Sixth Form and you can create your own personal account. External examination details and timetables will also be available to parents and students.

Throughout the school year teachers record and update the progress data for every student and this data is generated into a report approximately every 6 weeks. Therefore both students and parents are kept up to date regarding progress and any concerns can be identified and actioned very quickly.

Parents’ Consultation Evenings

We warmly welcome both parents and students into school to meet with individual subject teachers to discuss progress. There are seven Parents’ Consultation Evenings per academic year, approximately every 6 weeks, which are open to parents and students from all year groups.  These evenings take place from 4.00 – 7.00pm and appointments are made online via ‘My Child’. The booking ‘window’ usually opens 2 weeks before the consultation evening and you can make up to five 10 minute appointments on each evening.