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Where Travel and Tourism takes You…

There are many sixth form trips that enable students to collect evidence that they utilise in their studies.

“Every year go someplace you have never been before” Dalai Lama

Students who have studied travel and tourism have in the past seven years been employed in the following industries/professions:-


British Airways

NHS- Nursing

University Researcher

Hospitality Management

Visitor Attraction Management

Secondary Teaching

Primary teacher

Sport & Leisure

It is ideal for any customer facing role.

What the students say about travel….

I have really enjoyed studying travel and tourism as it is such an interesting and fun subject and the support I have got over the past two years has been great and has really helped me succeed. I would recommend it to anyone. Issy 2021

This is a challenging course, however it is also very  rewarding. You get out of it what you put in. It is a great practical opportunity to learn about the travel industry and businesses overall. The trips are great and support the learning.  Daisy 2021

Travel has opened up my knowledge about the world in a fun and creative way. From all of the activities in lesson, the coursework and all the trips, it has been an all round fun subject. The information taken in has really widened my knowledge and prepared me for going to uni which makes all the hard work worth it.  Natasha 2021

I really recommend travel and tourism, it was an interesting subject to study especially if you are keen on going into the travel industry as a future job. The teachers are also amazing, couldn’t recommend a better subject to take.  Abbey 2021

Travel and Tourism is a must do subject. It opens up your knowledge about the travel industry, business, and media in the coursework you will do. The trips are one of a kind and the coursework is very much rewarding when completed. By taking this subject it will open up many doors in the future for you. I really recommend choosing Travel and Tourism as one of your A-Level subjects.  Alanya 2021