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Key Attributes: Travel & Tourism suits individuals who like to work on projects, are self motivated and can source information.Ā  To have a genuine interest in the world around us and the impact of factors such as weather, violence, natural disasters would be beneficial.

General Knowledge: An understanding of popularity of some world destinations would be ideal, but an inquisitive nature to investigate destinations is of more importance.

Specific Interests: A person with interests in travel, different cultures, different foods, history or human geography would find the course interesting.

Disposition: The course would appeal to all students as the delivery of the units allows for all types of learners. Students can share their experiences with the class, and those who are prefer can discuss their findings one to one with their teacher. Delivery can be tailored to suit individual.

Learning Style: Most of the course is on computers, but there are opportunities to watch videos, read reports, articles and journals to appeal to all learning styles of individuals.