Chemistry A Level

Chemistry in the 6th Form is one of the most challenging but rewarding courses on offer. The course is a 2-year course that will result in an A-level in Chemistry.

Employers and universities recognise the skills of a Chemistry student and look favourably upon the possession of a Key Stage 5 qualification in this subject.

In order to take this course there is an entry requirement of 5 or above in Mathematics and grade 6 or above in Chemistry and a grade 5 in a second science or 5-6 in combined science.

A- level Chemistry Person Specification

  • Have an interest and enjoyment in Chemistry.
  • Enjoy carrying out investigations using imaginative and logical thinking.
  • Think abstractly to explain unfamiliar phenomena using their knowledge of Chemistry.
  • Have a stong mathematical ability
  • Be organised and able to plan and schedule your work
  • Be resilient and self-motivated

How will I be assessed?

There are three written papers, Paper 1, 2 and 3, that are taken at the end of the two year course.

What will I study?

Year 1 Units

Year 2 Units

  • Physical Chemistry including Atomic
  • Structure, bonding & energetics
  • Inorganic Chemistry including study of Group 1 and 2 elements; periodicity
  • Organic chemistry including alkanes, alkenes and alcohols
  • Relevant practical skills
  • Additional units from organic, inorganic and physical chemistry
  • For example, optical isomerism, aldehydes, ketones and aromatic chemistry


A Level

Three exams will be taken, Paper 1, 2 and 3, at the end of the two year course.


Course Content Examined

Details of Exam

Paper 1

Assesses relevant physical chemistry topics, inorganic chemistry and practical skills

2 hour exam (35% of final mark)

Paper 2

Assesses relevant physical chemistry topics, organic chemistry and practical skills

2 hour exam (35% of final mark)

Paper 3

Assesses content of the all topics from across the specification, data analysis & any relevant practical skills.

2 hour exam (30% of the final mark)

What will you study?

Year 1 Chemistry Topics
Physical Chemistry Atomic structure

Amount of substance

Bonding and Structure



Inorganic Chemistry Periodicity

Group 2

Group 7

Organic Chemistry Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Nomenclature





Organic Analysis


Year 2 Chemistry Topics
Physical Chemistry Chemical equilibria

Oxidation and reduction

Inorganic Chemistry Properties of period 3 elements

Transition metals

Metals in aqueous solution

Organic Chemistry Isomerism and Carbonyl compounds

Aldehydes and ketones

Carboxylic acid derivatives

Aromatic chemistry



Amino acids, proteins and DNA

Organic synthesis



What skills will I gain from this course?

  • Calculating and applying formulae to numerical data
  • Gathering and analysing data
  • Evaluative skills
  • Practical skills
  • Team building skills

Specimen papers and course information available

Entry Requirements

Entry requirement of 5 or above in Mathematics and grade 6 or above in Chemistry and a grade 5 in a second science or 5-6 in combined science.

Chemistry Career Prospects

Chemistry is very logical and develops excellent organisational and analytical skills. As such employers of all kinds (scientific and non-scientific) value Chemistry qualifications. Below are just some of the jobs open to students of A Level Chemistry.

Careers Related Directly to Chemistry Careers Not Related Directly to Chemistry

Analytical Chemist
Atmospheric Chemist
Chemical Engineer
Clinical Biochemist
Cosmetic Scientist
Development Chemist
Environmental Chemist
Formulation Chemist
Laboratory Technician
Marine Chemist
Medical Laboratory Scientist
Pharmaceutical Chemist
Process Chemist
Research Chemist
Forensic Chemist




Mechanical Engineer
Water Management
The Armed Forces
Computer Programmer
Occupational Therapy
Electrical Engineer
Production Manager
Business Consultants
Veterinary Science
Bank Manager
IT Worker
Art Restoration