What the students say…

“I enjoy Fashion & Design because I am able to show off my creative skills.  It also gives me the chance to relax and escape from essay writing for a while.  I feel my skills have improved greatly and I am learning new things all the time.” Natalie, Year 13

“I enjoyFashion & Design because I love creativity and it has given me a chance to do what I enjoy in a relaxing environment.  The skills in the group as a whole have improved as we work together to help each other.  The theory work is just as good as the practical as you get to research what you are most interested in, such as bags, home furnishings, or clothes.” Kat, Year 13

“I enjoy Fashion & Design because it is so different to other subjects.  It gives me a chance to study something I love as well as helping me achieve a place at a  fashion university.” Becky, Year 13

“I find Fashion & Design very enjoyable and interesting and there is very little written work.  I find the practical work very fulfilling and relaxing.” Louise, Year 12

“Fashion & Design .  Brilliant!  There is nothing more fun than designing your own garment.  I can recommend this course to anyone who is creative, loves designing and loves fun!” Keiley, Year 12

“I have always been interested in designing and making things as I love drawing clothes and being creative.  I also love fashion, and Fashion & Design is perfect for me.  Every step of the course from researching to making the garment has been interesting and enjoyable for me.”  Kelly Y, Year 12

“I find Fashion & Design very interesting as it involves a lot of practical which is enjoyable.” Amy, Year 12

Fashion & Design is a very creative and enjoyable course.  Making and designing your own garments is really fulfilling and you enjoy every step of the coursework.  It is perfect for anyone interested in a career linked to fashion or the creative world.  I would recommend Fashion & Design to anyone.”  Lucy, Year 12

“I am very enthusiastic about Fashion & Design , as I believe that it allows you to be creative and would be appropriate for a future in design.”

“I find Fashion & Design relaxing and enjoyable as I like being creative” Kelly S, Year 12

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