Welcome to the Science Department

The very fact that you have managed to find this web page relies on your ability to use the left hemisphere of your brain. This side of your brain is associated with logical and analytical thought processes. In Science lessons at Polesworth the teaching will exercise this side of the brain as students learn to acquire the skills of scientific reasoning. Students will be able to use these skills to analyse and evaluate their own experiments.

It is widely believed that the right hemisphere of the brain is associated with creative thinking. These thought processes are used when you write a fictional story or create a painting. All Scientists need to be able to use the right hand side of their brain as creative thinking is needed when designing an experiment that will work or developing a scientific theory that fits with the evidence. By expecting our students to use both sides of their brain, we aim to ensure that they receive a balanced science education that stimulates, engages and equips our students with lifelong skills, whatever their choice of career.