Welcome to the Study Centre

The School Study Centre, in its present form, has been open since May 2001. Since that time it has gone from strength to strength and has become an integral part of school life for students and staff.

It provides broad, balanced and relevant resources, in line with the National Curriculum, to give students the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to be effective lifelong learners. The fiction section is kept up to date with the latest and best titles in the hope of encouraging a love of reading.

To reflect the Internationalism of the School, alongside the well established Ghana Section, there are now Indian and Chinese sections, with displays of traditional clothing, artefacts and many fiction books by authors from other Countries.Ā  There is also a selection of magazines and periodicals to cater for many tastes.

Our mission is to maintain a comfortable, stimulating and flexible environment where students can research, do homework or just read for pleasure in a welcoming and calm atmosphere.

Opening times:

Monday – Thursday: 8.15 am – 4.00 pm
Friday: 8.15 am – 3.30 pm

Students and Staff may use the facilities before and after school, or during break and lunchtime for book selection, research or for a quiet place to sit and do homework. Alternatively, there is a broad range of magazines and newspapers, chess and Sudoku and other games to challenge the little grey cells!

A recent addition to the Study Centre is a dedicated Sixth Form area.Ā  This is a quiet study area which is available for Year 12 and 13 students to use during their free periods.

A rota is operated during lunchtime as follows:

Monday Year 7
Tuesday Year 8 and 9
Wednesday Year 7
Thursday Year 8 and 9
Friday Upper School

Year 10 or 11 students may use the Centre at any time to complete coursework assignments.

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